Funny how some humans don't really get other humans. I try to be very open minded and listen to others likes, dislikes and goals in their life. The range is as far as anyone could possibly imagine; we couldn't be more different and fact alone makes us all very interesting; doesn't it? What I may take as a great joy; others would find to be a burden or unsurmountable task. I am often asked "how I do it."

How do I keep three dogs, "it must be so much work." Funny but I don't consider it work; work never even crosses my mind when I am taking care of my dogs. From feeding, grooming, training, exercising or picking up after them; none of it is work to me. For me work is something that I don't love to do; like housecleaning. I know it has to be done and I do it; but I'd rather not do it.

I take great joy from the simple things that my dogs give me; a happy face after coming home from a big walk, excitement waiting for the meal I am preparing, a not so gentle nuzzle when I'm working in the garden or simply watching them have fun together. I love it all; and have never in my entire life with dogs said "ah, this is so much work."

It is the same for my gardening; I love it. Back in Canada I had three enormous perennial gardens; I loved it. Others use to say the same; "what a ton work." But it was not work to me; it was a joy to be in the garden each and everyday. Although I did like that when fall came it all stopped until the following spring; perhaps this fact helped in the excitement for the next blooming season.

I believe within all humans lies a passion; not always is it an easy one to find. But it is there just waiting to grow. Watching an episode of animal cops the other day; one of the animal cops stated; "Do what you love and you will never have to work a day of your life." This statement struck me; wow that is so true.

My dogs bring me so much happiness that I cannot imagine a life without dogs; it is who I am. So are dogs alot of work? If they are not your passion; maybe. If you don't want to pick up after a dog, clean the hair from the house or take time to exercise them then; perhaps you should get a fish. But for me; every second spent with them is a cherished moment.

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