Am I proud?

Yesterday morning my husband and I had our usual yogurt, granola and coffee in bed. He is up very early so this is our "together" time before the day starts. After he goes off to work is when I typically blog and once my blogging is done I hit the shower. It was a normal morning with all dogs on the bed; my Jack russell close incase there was any droppage. I did not remember that the food tray was still on the bed nor did it occur to me that I had not finished my cereal as I headed into the shower.

As I came out of the bathroom; the story unfolded. The tray on the bed, food on the tray and a Jack Russell only inches from the tray with a face on. "Wow, good girl Jess; and I handed her a couple of granola pieces. Her face told me that she was at her breaking point just as I came out of the bathroom. You see Jessie is a Jack Russell; first strike for food stealing. And she is on prednisone; has been for 6 years now. So she is pretty much a great white shark in a tiny little 15 lb body; an eating machine.
Last weekend she got into my purse which was up on my dresser and ate an entire package of m&ms; that is my Jessie.

So who was this imposter on the bed? The whole "bed" thing is fairly new for her; for years she came and went as she pleased until about 2 years ago when we got a new bed. Beds these days are high and ours is so high that at 5' 1" I sort of climb up into bed. So Jessie must be lifted; in her eyes it is very much a priviledge. That is until lately; I bought her a foot stool; a cute animal print stool to access the bed. She never takes the bed for granted and in the middle of the night will sit on the stool until I tell her to come up; very nice. So she has great respect for the owners of the bed; that would be me. This respect trickled down into her brain this morning; interfering with her desire to eat anything that isn't nailed down.

The look on her face said it all; had I come out a minute later the story may have been different. But for the story to have played out the way it did; is amazing. You have no idea what a huge deal this is for my little Great white.

Am I proud?

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