Collars visited yet again

Okay, I have to talk about collars again today; and yes I know I've discussed them alot. Yesterday I was driving through my neighborhood and saw a young boy with his dog; nice picture eh? No, it was not a nice picture. The dog was a sheltie and it was straining at the end of the leash which was attached to a choke collar. I cringed when I imagined what was happening to the dogs neck. The young man kept yanking on the leash, thinking nothing of his dogs neck.

It is not the fault of the young boy but society as a whole. We have been raised with choke collars, choke collars give you control. Can't control your dog? Throw a choke collar on it. Choke collars choke; bottom line. Collars are a bigtime controversy these days and talking to trainers who use them and believe in them; the conversation can become heated quickly. They believe there is a place for everything and that there is a correct way to use them; I don't.

I was also watching a show on television the other night about training your dog. I don't know what it was called or what station it was on but it was pretty lame. The host who was a small notch above the worst I've seen and the content, junk. The host asked the trainer if pinch collars really pinch; he skirted around the answer and made his best attempt at a positive explanation about them. Yes they pinch; that is how they work and if you don't think they pinch PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW THEY THINK THEY WORK.

Recently I purchased some beautiful 2" wide collars which were handmade from an online store. I was very impressed with them and would like it if more companies made the wide collars. If you have to put a collar on your dog; best to go as wide as you can to spread out the pressure. Rather than focusing on choking or pinching your dogs neck for control.


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