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One of the most important things that I have ever taught my dogs is to not jump out of the car uninvited. Whether you have a car, SUV or truck your dog/dogs should wait until they are asked to get in and get out. With September around the corner I will be beaching it more often with my dogs. The Main Beach in Laguna opens up all day for dogs on leash Sept 17th and goes until the long weekend in May.

With the tourists all safe and sound back in their hometown; I have the beach back. Often I park on the street; which means extra care must be taken when I lift my back hatch. My dogs are trained not to get out unless asked but they are dogs and they are not perfect; just like us. So proofing is a must; there is one word and one word only that gets them out of the car. That magic word is "okay" which is their generic release word. Unless they hear that word, they best not be jumping out of the car.

So what if they do? What if they boldly jump out without being told to do so.? They are back in the back of the SUV before they even know what hit them. This gives a clear and very understandable message to them. Get out, and you don't go anywhere. Luke is my most likely to................... So it is he that requires most of my attention. Tilley wouldn't think of getting out uninvited and Jessie; well maybe sometimes but it is a big leap so she's not keen on it anyway.

Things are changing in our pack, Tilley is now 11 and I rarely let her jump out of the car unassisted. I know she does not like being heaved out but she tolerates it. Getting in has become routine to her now; I lift her front feet up to the back and then give her rear a boost. She doesn't mind this at all; as it is a much better option than tumbling onto the road if she doesn't make the jump.

I've seen cars full of dogs trying to push their way out; the guardian holding the door tight in attempts of holding back the onslaught. Believe me it i much nicer to teach your dogs not to bolt out of the car and much more becoming for everyone involved. ;)

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