A morning adventure

I held off on blogging early this morning as I had an appointment set up for Luke at a new vets. I've been searching for "my" vet for over 30 years; but with each new vet comes the explanations I need to offer about me and my dogs. First I tell the story of Tilley running away, and the need now that I be with my dogs for all procedures.

The next is that Luke although sounding very much like CUJO on steroids is indeed a sweet guy. I pre-emailed to the vets about my boy a couple of days ago; I think this is a good thing so they have a heads up. So I loaded him up this morning trying to keep myself as calm cool and collected as possible. I don't want my hesitations to come across to him.

As we arrived I had my doubts that this vet would be any different than the many I've visited over the years; I couldn't have been more wrong. As soon as I walked in they asked if I was Sherri and ushered me to the consult room immediately. The head nurse and another girl came into the room within minutes and Luke started.

He greeted them with all the ferocity he could muster in attempts of keeping them at bay. The humans turned sideways and ignored his show. His body shook from head to toe and his eyes darted around the room stopping every so often on my eyes. A quick eye contact and he started to calm; that is until someone new came in the room; the vet. He regressed to his CUJO routine and she sat on the floor, nice.

He quickly started to calm; calm for him that is not lazyboy type calm. He got his blood drawn for a blood panel, had his physical examine and was quite a good boy about it all. He was the boy I know he is when he is not trying to keep everyone away from him; which is only ever displayed at the vets.

The lobby of the vets was filled with "real" food and healthy treats. This in itself is a huge difference from anything I've seen before. I'm stoked to say the least; glad I made the trip and couldn't be happier to have FINALLY met my vet.


  1. One of the things I loved best about my Vet when we went for our initial appointment with my Mini--------she simply walked into the room, greeted the humans and then sat on the floor and chatted until he was comfortable enough to approach her.

    With Trevor, she sat in the chair, quietly held out her hand, never made eye contact and allowed him to control the greeting.

    It was just the beginning of a love-love relationship.

  2. Nice, very nice. I'm writing an article right now about protocol at the vets. It has always boggled my mind when they know nothing about canine behavior in regards to appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a dogs eyes.


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