Saturday morning; this and that

Good morning; I didn't blog yesterday because I was up bright and early to take the dogs to the beach. The rest of my day was nuts; I felt like I was being pulled in many different directions. But as far as our morning walk is concerned it was great. I had my hesitations about going as I opened my eyes though. The night before I had told myself that I would do the beach in the morning knowing full well that meant getting up at 5:30. Which is fine because I'm usually up at 5:30 but yesterday the beach was the only reason I had to be up at 5:30.

The alarm went off and I was slow to get up and stop it. I crawled back into bed noting that the sun was just thinking about making an appearance. It would have been very easy to just fall back asleep; heck the dogs were all crashed on the bed with me and no one looked like they cared if we went to the beach. See you have to be off the beach by 8 in these summer months so that means I have to be there by 7. I gave myself a kick in the butt and got up to get ready.

It took a while to get the dogs up, they don't like getting up early at all. But from the first jingle of a collar they were up and willing to go where ever we were headed. They had a quick couple of Liver Biscotti and were off. I'm so glad I went, the beach was quiet with only a few people up and at it so early. It is a great way to start the day and I wish I lived closer to the beach.

Once home I cooked up a nice breakfast for Jessie, Tilley and Luke and then it was on to "bone day." Bone day is the official teeth cleaning day at my house; the dogs know it as the great day that they get bones. It only takes one bone to be out of the fridge and they are all over it. Luke is at the forefront; being that he is the tallest he can actually see the bones on the counter. I trimmed all the fat, scooped out some marrow and put them on a platter.

Manners are a must; so is supervision. Raw meaty bones are a very high value item and things can go from good to bad quickly if you don't supervise. There is to be no visiting other bones, no checking out, no just seeing. Each dog must stay on their own bone; this is for the good of everyone involved. My house is a perfect one for this event; we have windows running the entire length of the back of the house which enables me to see what is going on from every room.

After a good 2 hours I've got other things to do so I bring out the customary trade off raw beef. Each dog is handed a piece and then I take their bone, bag them and toss the bunch. The dogs then scour the backyard for a good hour picking up tiny pieces that were dropped in the heat of the chew. Happy dogs with sparkly white chompers.

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