Poodles, poodles, doodles?

I was stopped several times again lastweek; "are those, those doodle dogs?" "No, they are poodles, standard poodles." "Really? these are poodles?" So I thought "Wait a minute, is that right? I think these dogs are poodles................ah yes; THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me how just a hair cut can throw everyone. One of the people who asked me if they were doodles had a poodle on the end of his leash, a standard poodle at that. I have to admit that the doodles that they are being bred back to standard poodles (don't even get me started)very much resemble Standard poodles. Might be the fact that are now between 3/4 and 7/8ths standard poodles.

Yes the amazing wonderdog that the money grubbers advertise shed and yes, they have lab in them. For some reason people think that these doodle dogs, either labradoodles or goldendoodles are much better because they are not the prissy poodle. Yes they are happy for a piece of the poodle but their ego cannot stand the whole thing.

But what these people have done is to take a non shedding, amazingly intelligent breed and messed with it. They added a huge shed factor and the over energized lab personality. So what the unsuspecting puppy buyers get is a curly coated lab that sheds and may or may not have longer legs, different color and coat type than a poodle or lab.

Don't get me wrong, I love all dogs but what I don't love is people trying to make a buck from the uneducated. Now in a class of the very popular designer dogs; the doodle dogs are filling up the shelters and rescues. While advertised as the greatest of both worlds, the would be new guardians forgot that these are still very active, energetic dogs.

Once you add a lab to a poodle you can no longer call it non shedding. Labs shed like crazy and I have sadly met many people who were very allergice to their new dog; after being lied to about the shedding.

There are truly so many breeds of dogs that there really is no need to start making cocktail dogs; honestly. If you can't find a breed that would suit you and your family; perhaps check out the cat section. The whole "mutts are healthier than purebreds" is wrong to start with and the people who are pumping these dogs out for a buck are not doing it for the love of the "design."

So please do your research, do not believe what you are told. Research, research, research.

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