Submissive behaviors - greeting

Submissive behavior in dogs can be displayed for many reasons. Often it is in response to harsh sounds or body gestures from other dogs or us. Some dogs are just plain submissive and you have to go above and beyond to not get a submissive response from them.

For many dogs too much attention is enough to get a submissive response. Take for instance when you go to someones house for a visit; upon arrival you are greeted at the front door by the family dog. As you reach over to pet her; she drops onto the floor and pees, don't you feel awful? You shouldn't; the guardian of this dog should have told you to ignore the dog.

Although this peeing behavior is extreme, dogs often exhibit smaller, more difficult to see submissive behavior on greeting. The above image clearly shows all the submissive signals this dog is trying very hard to give off. This dog is particularly submissive upon greeting; so I asked my son to greet her upright and loom over her to obtain these great images.

The signals to look for is sunken body posture, ears plastered back, eyes squinting, lips closed and pulled back and the left front paw was just on the way up.

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