Birds of a feather

Funny how we love to flock with people who have the same breed as we do isn't it? Listen in on a breed meet-up and you will hear the gushings of proud guardians. It is a congregation of similarities. And I for one think it is a good thing. These groups tend to promote activities and getting out with your pooch.

Often it enables one to do more than they would do on their own giving us and our dogs a good chance to socialize. I have been able to photograph many breed meet ups and love watching the things each dog has in common with the others. Even the dogs seem to know they are amongst their own; I'm not sure if that is built in or they remember from their early childhood.

The guardians who attend these events are much more forgiving of bad behavior when it comes from a dog "of their breed." And love spending a morning or afternoon surrounded by their "breed of choice." It is a very popular activity amongst dog people now; breed and mixbreed groups are popping up all over North America.

Some groups are small; the more rare your breed the tougher it is to find friends with the same. But once a group starts it grows and members love to spread the word. I started a group here in Southern California; OC Standard Poodles and I will hop out of my car or approach anyone with a standard to let them know.

There is a sharing of canine education within groups; which is always a good thing. And often people who have similar breeds have things in common making it nice to spend time together. But even if it is just the dogs that are similar; spending time with a pack is great fun for anyone.

Our group started on Yahoo Groups but you can start a meet up anywhere you put the your information out there. Meet ups is a good place but it costs to start but all over the net you can get started. Go ahead and meet some great dog people.

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