The eyes have it

The eyes have all the information; if you are watching that is. A dogs eyes say alot; they can portray anger, pleasure, disgust and any other communication in the dogs mind. I am always saying "what a look," or "what a face." Watching a dogs eyes is very enlightening.

Although full of information a dog's eyes like our are just sometimes a blank slate. Have you ever seen your dog staring off into space causing you to wonder what the heck is going on in that little head of theirs? I have; especially with my epileptic boy who often is watching the ceiling.

Having a new puppy in the house we are getting lots of "eyes." My Jack Russell speaks volumes with her eyes; one glance from those lazer like beamers and our new puppy stops in her tracks. There is no mistaking those "I dare you;" eyes.

Eye contact is important in dogs and even in very young dogs you will see them gazing into our eyes. They watch us and read us very carefully; looking into our eyes to see what is going on. The eyes are the beginning of a communication; the body then follows.

Take for instance my Jack Russell; she is comfy on the biggest dog bed in our home. The puppy comes charging up; not thinking. Jessie throws her a lazer beam stare and the puppy is tries her hardest to throw it into reverse before she hits the bed. If the puppy is not watching and approaches the bed; Jessie then offers up a very throaty growl that you cannot miss.

What are your dog's eyes saying?

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