Booming, thunder, fireworks etc.

I awoke this morning to what sounded like Thunder. After laying there trying to figure out what the noise was it came again; it was thunder and lightening. What? So strange; I looked out my window at the clear blue sky. Then I heard it again. My attention immediately moved to Tilley; she is intensely afraid of storms and fireworks; actually anything that makes the same booming noise.

She was sitting upright listening; listening and watching me. As I have said so many times, "our dogs are watching us." So I lay in bed calmly; trying my best to have no reaction to the very strange outskirt thunderstorm. I love storms; I grew up where we had them all summer long and I miss them. This morning Tilley remained calm; almost waiting to see what was going to happen.

Typically during a real boomer or fireworks she is in a state of panic. But lately she is getting better; she is showing less signs of panic. This is due to our acting ability growing with each dog who has suffered from the same issues. It seems like we always have one. First there was Mandy the airedale; who was my very first dog.

She use to be petrified of storms; an issue that stemmed from being taken "shooting" (with a gun that is) when she was very young. It was not me that took her shooting but her original guardian. After Mandy's passing Clyde took on the role of panic dog during a storm. And oddly enough Tilley never showed any signs of this problem until Clyde's passing over 8 years ago.

We always stay home on fireworks nights; just to be sure she never hurts herself and if we are out when a storm hits we return to a house that has been dug up. I believe she is trying to get away; trying to find somewhere to hide. The worst hit areas are always a small room, bathroom, closet etc. Everything in the room has been dug up.

Remaining calm and ignoring the environmental activity is the best line of defense. Go on like nothing is unusual, eat, chat, play a game of ball etc. This helps your dog to relax; remember they are watching you. If you act like something is off, out of the ordinary or something to be concerned about they'll pick up on it immediately.

So as the weather season approaches; I'm entering my "chill" state of mind.

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