Pit bulls at the shelter

My daughters visited the SPCA and San Diego shelter this week. Not surprisingly it was filled with unwanted pit bulls. And after asking my daughter how many; it seems around 70% of the dogs occuping space at the shelter are pits.

I understand the pit bull issues of late but where are all of these dogs coming from? In my mind the good shelters take in unwanted dogs as well as strays but so many pits? In these times of crisis; with all of the financial problems many are having some people are forced to leave their dogs behind; a very sad fallout of loosing your home.

But the pit bull question remains; where are they all coming from? The plain fact is that not too many people want to adopt a pit bull these days. With all the bad hype I'm sure that many prospective owners pass by the pit cages without a second thought. Leading to the numbers building at the shelter.

But there are the puppies and the very young ones. As my daughter talked about all the different dogs at the shelter I was left pondering this question. Are they dogs taken from fighting rings? Are they simply growing in numbers because they are an unwanted breed now with all the bad news about them? So I have decided to find out where they are all coming from.

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