Fussy eaters

Fussy eaters suck; plain and simple. I don't like feeding humans or dogs who are fussy; it is so much more work than it has to be. I've only ever had one fussy dog and luckily my whole family is non fussy. Luke is my fussy dog; always has been, always will be.

So what do you do if you have a fussy dog; some people say to ignore it. "No dog will starve themselves." Well that may be correct but they sure will get really skinny; so I try my best to serve up what tastes good to Luke. Dogs are not like people; you cannot say "eat it or no dessert."

Luke is a beef man; he likes chicken but is not a big fan of fish. Luke also likes "human food." "Human food" is a term I try not to use often as I believe food is food whether it is for your dogs or your humans. When I say "human food" I am talking about Pizza, sausages, roast and potatoes, omlettes and chicken stir fry. You get what I mean; right? Prepared stuff, food that has a recipe and frankly food that tastes good.

So Luke likes food that tastes good; he does not eat for the sake of eating like most dogs do. He loves black forest ham so if I have some handy I will add it to his food. Sometimes it is enough to kick start the eating process. And Luke loves dairy; he loves nothing more than whipcream, who doesn't? He loves it so much that if he hears that all familiar hiss from the whipcream can he comes running. And just try to sneak a blended drink topped with whipcream past this boy.

Being that I deal with a fussy eater on a regular basis; I am very thankful for my eaters; eaters of whatever is put in front of them. I've come to understand that no matter human or canine you are who you are.

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