The joy of a toy

Dogs toys are a big business; there are so many different types it's mind boggling. Have a look around at the next petstore you are in and you'll be amazed. Most toys are designed for us; they catch our eye, we think they are cute so we buy them for our dogs. With a new puppy in the house; toys are essential. The fastest way to have your house destroyed is to have no toys. I always tell my clients that when you have a puppy I expect your house to look like there is a toddler living in it. There should be many toys in each room. Size, shape and texture are important. I've been on the hunt for great toys lately. Many are just puppy toys and would not hold up to the big dogs. I've been looking for all different shapes to stimulate this little munchkins brain. But the adults are seeing the maybe one good thing about a puppy; lots of new toys. In this video my 8 year old has found a great new toy to play with. He is obviously taking great joy in squeaking the toy. Part of his joy is that it is not his toy; but watching him brings me joy.

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