Piles of poodles

Yesterday we had another poodle get together on the beach. Now that the summer tourists have gone we are allowed to enjoy the beach with our dogs all day long. We met at 10:00 at the hoops and we were quite a group.

I haven't counted but I think there were around 15 dogs in attendance. All together we cause quite the commotion and many people stop to take pictures. We even had a couple from the South of France who told us they had never seen so many poodles together. So they took several pictures and left on their way smiling.

It is so interesting getting together with so many; the differences are huge. First difference you notice is the grooming styles. The human preference is what shows through here; we have everything from the very fancy saddle poodle clip down to the utility clip or bareballs as we say of my poodles (basically clipped down all the same length).

Then there are the differences in personality; shy or timid, friendly, over exuberant, in your face, aloof and stand offish and everything in between. But the one huge similarity is the fact that all of these people love standard poodles. We love to get out and have fun with our dogs.

And fun we had; both my guys were soaked by a huge wave that caught us all off guard. I was soaked as well which sucked bigtime walking with soaking wet sweat shorts; got where my short shorts. The dogs are covered with sand and huge smiles; love it.

It is great fun and we are steadily growing. Poodles everywhere.

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