Revisiting vaccinations

Vaccinations and vaccine protocol is a hot and controversial subject these days. Here is a link from a holistic veterinarians blog that I found very interesting.

Many of the old die hard type vets who still think that dogs should be vaccinated each and every year are panicked by the thought of revenue loss. I have to say that I am willing to spend more money on my dogs than I ever have because I am not having things shoved down my throat. I have a wonderful vet who does not believe in over vaccinating and I highly respect that.

As with everything in this world; if you are not will to open your mind and be enlightened by new information then it is time for you to close your doors. Working with animals and humans alike is an evolution in medicine. Things we use to think were right were very, very wrong.

So now with all the cancer in our dogs they are finding that the vaccinations may be playing a huge part in this. Even if this is a concern; don't you want to know about it? Why should a dog be vaccinated every year? It makes no sense when we are not vaccinated every year.

Recently it was suggested that I needed a tentinus (sp?). Thinking that I've had a few and that I'm probably good I had a titer run; yes for a human. My tentnus was fine; completely covered. It may be easy to just restick ourselves or our dogs and seem like the thing to do; but perhaps if you read about it you will find the opposite to be true. Please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!everything you can for the safety and health of your dog.

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