Revisiting food

As you all know I cook for my dogs. They eat a huge array of food both cooked and raw. Their protein source, veggie and grain changes constantly which is what keeps them able to eat a variety of food. When you feed your dog one brand of food alone for a long period of time it can cause problems when you offer them something new.

This last summer when I went away on a trip I was in the kitchen for way too long. Cooking and cooking and cooking; until I could cook no more. So recently I have been considering getting my dogs accustom to eating dog food on occasion. This way if I want to go away I don't have to cook up a storm in the days before I leave.

I have been asking for recommendations from both pet food store owners and some of the more knowledgeable dog people on types, brands etc. Yesterday I dropped by a great pet store Wild's in Dana Point on the corner of the PCH and Crown Valley. There I purchased Prairie freeze dried food and raw beef frozen made by

and a bag of Orijen

Reading the ingredients on both foods; they sound really good. Yes I still think that my food is better; it is not processed. But in a pinch I want the ability to offer dog food. So lastnight they had 1/2 their normal food which I make and 1/2 freeze dried Prairie; so it waits to be seen what comes out this morning. I've got my fingers crossed.

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