We're all so different

We humans are different aren't we? What I consider to be a glorious day; some would find extremely boring. And what others think of as a great way to spend I day I may want to shoot myself. Our dogs are different as well; even within the same breed they are all so different.

I have had so many different personality types in my home and met even more in training and shooting. I love that people love different breeds for their own particular quirks. I recently met a bunch of huskies; who's guardians love to mush with them. These dogs were obviously happy and stoked to be spending time expending energy with their guardian.

While other dogs are happy to be sitting on their guardians lap just soaking up the "together time." It is the guardians who strive to find the connection that inspire me. The frisbee dogs who love nothing more than to catch that darn disc. The flyball dogs who are constantly chomping at the bit just to have a chance to fly over the hurdles and bring that ball home.

I am the sort of person who likes to dabble in everything; I find it hard to dedicate my time to one sport with my dogs. Having an extremely versatile breed I am lucky to be able to do just about whatever I like with them. Now the individuality plays a part; some are more outgoing, some more driven so each has their favorite things to do.

But my absolute favorite thing to do with my dogs is hike; mostly in the forest where you have terrain to get around. The dogs love it; no matter what personality type I have in the pack they all love to walk in the woods or trails. No matter what you do with your dogs; isn't it fun finding out what they love to do that makes you happy doing?

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