Pooping styles

Yes I'm discussing poop this morning. Don't roll your eyes in disgust; as canine guardians we all deal with the issue of poop so laugh instead of cry I say. I can't even imagine how much of it I've picked up over the years but it never bothers me. This along with some other tedious type chores that go with having dogs is just a part of having dogs.

Each dog has their own pooping style and position. Luke my big boy does it right and if I were a judge he would get a solid 10. Mind you Luke's style sometimes leaves him teetering but there is no chance of having any remains left on his rear end; that would mortify him. He gets so scrunched up that there is literally one placce for the poop to go and that's down.

The poopers I'm not a fan of are the travellers; Jessie is a bigtime traveller and if she happens to be on the trail of some critter then the travelling is immense. So for Jessie the method of pick up is to start at the big end and connect the dots until they stop.

I've heard of a doxie that use to poop with his front feet up on a wall so his guardians had a nice line of poop each week to pick up; weird. Many dogs enjoy pooping on things; my old boy Clyde use to like to poop on small bushes. And if we were in the middle of planting seedling trees they had a rough start in life as Clyde initiated them.

Then there are the perimitter poopers; these too get high marks. Keeping the poop out of the main traffic area is smart. I knew a doberman alongtime ago who would never poop in front of you; she was a behind the bushes kind of gal. None of my dogs now care about that; they'll plop one out right in front of you.

But no matter what their style; poop is a fact of life with dogs. Ya just gotta grin and bare it. ;)

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