Boundary training, I love it

I was puttering in the yard early yesterday morning. It was going to be a scorcher again so I got to my gardening before the worst of it hit. Luke was trailing me as he typically does. He follows me from garden to garden often slipping in a quick snuggle that knocks me into the dirt. I have to admit I love it.

Once I was done with the backyard the front yard needed alot of work. My front yard is big for this area but still much too close to the road for me to feel like the dogs can safely join me out there. I'm guessing the yard is about 40 feet from the door to the curb and the driveway is about 1 1/2 car lengths. Too close for comfort.

I actually hadn't realized that I left the side gate open. But after working on several of the front gardens; I looked back to see Luke standing at the side of the house waiting. He wagged as we connected glances and I smiled at him. What a good boy he his; knowing he is NEVER aloud to come out the gate on his own decision there he waited patiently.

After a bit more gardening I took a quick peek at the side again and there he was waiting. This time he gave a little stress yawn; he get's stressed very easily. He wasn't stressed because he couldn't come out the gate but the fact that he was in the sideyard; somewhere he typically isn't. I gathered up all of my clippings and headed into the sideyard where Luke greeted me with a hugely wagging tail but tried to act like it was no big deal. Again I had to smile at my boy.

After dropping off my gloves and gardening tools we headed towards the backyard; with Luke out in the lead of course. He rounded the corner and I purposely did not; I waited. Luke loves to pretend he is the leader. After about a minute passed he came back around the corner to find me; of course he was very cool about it sniffing the ground and making it look like he was very busy smelling things and he was not looking for me.

Yes he is a complex and amusing boy. The fact that our boundary training is so solid is a safe and wonderful thing. It is one of the best things you can ever teach a dog. Done correctly it can save your dogs life; it also keeps things in perspective for those who would like to be the leader. You can't come through because I said so and that as they say just is.

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