Hot hot heat and beach walking

We had our OC standard poodle beach walk lastnight. As I drove down the canyon road I put my window down and held out my hand to check the temp. Ahhhh, it was cooler down here; not as cool as I had hoped but cooler than the over 100 degree temps at my house. I think it is suppose to cool down today but we wait and see and hope.

The tide was low which is great for wading; this allowed me to go in with my dogs without getting soaked like my last beach walk. Although the dogs must remain on leash at this beach they love it. They charge after the many birds that frequent the beach; giving them lots of outlet for their innate hunting instincts to run free.

It always amazes me when I see dogs who don't have the chase instinct. The instinct that drives them to chase the shore birds and pigeons. Standard poodles are the original water retriever so for them it comes naturally. For my little JRT (jack russell terrier) she is triggered by movement so if it moves; she's after it.

Our standard poodle group drew alot of people out to take pictures. Not that often you see 14 standard poodles walking down the beach; ranging now from 13 weeks to 11.5 years. So I guess our little group is quite the spectacle for many.

Watching the different behaviors of each individual is interesting. And the difference in age groups is decisively appropriate and distinct. The very young dogs and puppies are excited with a touch of apprehension; breaking out with energy surges every so often but aware they lack experience.

The teenagers are plain excited; they have lost their apprehension and are loving life to the max. There is no mistaking the teenagers. The middle aged dogs are enthusiastic with a touch of maturity. They tend to like giving discipline a try knowing it will be their job before long.

And the seniors of the group are mostly reserved; there is no show, nothing to prove. They enjoy their time without hesitation. Like myself; I'm sure they do not wish they were a teenager again. But no matter what age they all enjoy getting out and socializing; who doesn't?

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