cutting corners with your k9

In these economic times things are getting scarey. Everyone is pulling back and trying their best to keep money in their wallets so what can you do with regards to spending money on your dog?

- Contact your dog food company for coupons and savings.
- Often online petfood suppliers offer much better deals and have regular specials.
- If you feed your dog real food; check the weekly grocery store coupon and clip. I stock up every week on meat and freeze it.
- Buy seasonal items like veggies and fruit and freeze.
- Don't throw out good food; your dog can eat alot of your left overs such as plain meats, veggies and fruit. Food is never wasted in my house.
- Dogs don't need stuff; a good ball and an indestructible chew toy is more than enough; that is unless you have a new puppy.
- Check out the discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods for deals on dog toys, bed and accessories. (This is where I get most of my things)
- Make your own dog treats; there are tons of easy recipes on the net.
- Buy in bulk and split the cost with a friend or neighbor.
- Swap pet sitting with your friends and neighbors.

Dogs are simple animals; time spent with your dog is worth a fortune. ;)

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