Whooo Hoooooo it's Friday

It's Friday again and this Friday is starting out as a great one; it's cooler. Yesterday was much cooler than the near 100 degree weather we've been having and it is suppose to get cooler still. This should mean that I'll be out and about with the dogs but unfortunately I'm in a boot brace for a month. I can walk around and get them out but I'll not be going on any hikes for while.

With fall upon us I've got pumpkins in the microwave for the dogs this morning. I ran by Henry's yesterday and stocked up on chicken that they had on sale for 1.99/lb. We and the dogs as well have been eating alot of sweet potato lately, I love them and so do they. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_potato

I'm trying to switch it up a little more for my pooches; lastnight they enjoyed fish, sweet potato, cooked carrots, bone meal and apple. Well at least my girls enjoyed it; Luke ate a bit as normal and wandered off. He is such a picky eater that it is very difficult keeping any weight on him at all.

The most frustrating thing about Luke's eating habits is that they are never the same. One day he loves chicken the next he won't touch it. Pretty much the only thing he loves always is cream, butter or whipped cream. No he is not spoiled at all.

In fact yesterday after shopping at Henry's I made a quick stop at Goldenspoon. I always get the samething, a peanut butter cup regular cone. But yesterday I switched it up and got pumpkin pie and it was delicious. I always get a mini vanilla for the dogs and typically Luke loves it. They all sit in a row in front of me and eat very mannerly.

Well, yesterday Luke was having non of it. He would not even taste it; let alone come anywhere near me holding the evil frozen yogurt. What a guy; that's all I can say is "what a guy."

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