De ja vue

Have you ever felt like you've been somewhere or done something exactly the same before. Sunday night I was in a time warp; there I was yet again administering Peroxide to my Jack Russell in attempt to get the contents of her stomach out. I was out with my husband at the hockey game Ducks/Coyotes (crappy game). Anyhow the call came in "Jessie ate a whole dark chocolate bar."

My husband and I have discussed this often and we have both acknowledged that this will proabably be the end of our little 15 lb eating machine someday. Unfortunately eating a particular food and having to vomit later on; or having explosive diarrhea don't seem to fit into the action/reaction type of learning that dogs have.

Sitting patiently in the backyard waiting, waiting and waiting it finally came out. My husband was in shock to see the amount of food that came out of this little food monster. It had been a while before she vomitted so I knew she would have some effects from the Chocolate. She was not good yesterday; when my girl does not eat it's serious. I managed to get a bit of chicken into her in the morning and shortly after she vomitted two more huge piles of brown gunk.

I was really worried before she vomitted Monday morning and was going to head to the vet with her. But shortly after puking up the rest of the brown gunk in her she turned the corner. She slept the rest of the day under my watchful eye and had a good dinner lastnight. So again she has lived through a near death experience to tell the tale and again she had beaten the odds.

I know she is a dog but she truly has many lives this one. She has escaped the jaws of a boxer who was meaning to kill her; fallen 30 feet out of a tree; nearly died 6 years ago from an autoimmune disorder

and lived through chocolate eating de ja vue many times. When she does get into something it is human error; we all know that EVERYTHING must be put away. Let nothing be forgotten when you go out but as humans there is always a chance of human error so to save her life Jessie will be crated once again; especially with the holiday season fast approaching us.

Happily she is well this morning but unfortunately looking for the next package left out for her to get into.

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