Shooting Art

So I'm in this boot brace for a month while my achilles tendon is hopefully healing in there. This obviously puts a wrench into some of my daily routine. I can get around in it really well but going for a walk is a hassel more than anything. So I've been running my dogs at a field where we just walk in and they are off.

I am a huge believer that dogs must be off leash sometimes. I also believe that they must be able to walk nice and mannerly on leash so a bit of both is nice. If you only exercise your dog off leash then it is very difficult for them to control themselves when out on leash; so best to give them both opportunities.

As my outtings are limited I'm going to pull out my big lense and go shooting. I love photos of dogs, no duh!!!! But I'm not a fan of posed photos and much prefer a candid. I love capturing the essence of a dog but it can be difficult, much more difficult when a human is involved. Humans like to pose, come on fess up, when you see a camera you look into the lense and smile, right?

So having my big lense on and sneaking a shot sometimes works out best. Also it is much easier to capture a natural candid off leash. But the problem with off leash is that the dog is off leash; meaning that I will often have to chase it around. So again a little of both helps here, some on leash some off.

Some of the best photos I've ever shot are at home on the couch. Where is a dog more comfortable than on their couch or bed at home? Sleeping dog images are fabulous as are playing dogs. Dogs capturing a sunbeam that is streaming through the livingroom shots are amazing.

To me dogs are art, nothing need be done but to capture them.

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