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Good Saturday morning; I don't think I've discussed attachment equipment for a while so this is my blog for the day. There are so many different types of devices to attach to your dog thata it can be mind boggling. I like to try every new collar, leash or harness that I discover; and let you the consumer know what I think.

My favorite body attachment is a harness; I like the fact that a harness eliminates any pressure on the dogs neck. That said often a harness increases a dogs desire to pull so a regular harness is not always a great idea. For those dogs there are non pulling harnesses (the Easy Walk harness by Premier) which I use for my boy Luke who thinks that he is indeed sleddog.

For leashes I like the good old cotton mesh lead or training lead. They don't slip through your hands like the nylon ones and I order them however long I want them. Nothing fancy; just a plain old black leash. I like the 8 foot lengths so when I'm in a field, the beach or a park my dogs can walk way out in front of me with out causing any tangling.

I also like the bungee type leads made by Ezy dog; they take alot of the impact away from the big pulling dogs. They are well made and tough equipment.

As far as collars go I like the 2" ones. They are very difficult to find but I have found one company who makes really nice ones. More companies make a 1 1/2" collar which is still better than the thin collars. Many people like the rolled leather collar; athough nice looking the thinner the collar the more pressure is put onto one spot of the neck.

Here are several links where I buy my equipment.




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