All dolled up-bling for dogs

The phrase alone "all dolled up;" says it all doesn't it? Dolled; meaning it should be applied on a doll or as we know a human, not a dog.

Dolled: 1. To dress oneself smartly and often ostentatiously, especially for a special occasion.
2. To add embellishing details to in order to make much more attractive.

I'm not into canine clothing; and having an actual wardrobe for your dog to me is a huge waste of money unless of course you have one of the bald breeds. Best to donate that money to a good rescue group. Anyhow; everyone has different opinions on everything and that in itself is what makes the world go round.

Even leashes and collars can be the flashiest and more expensive than any clothing in your own closet. Do dogs care if their collar is diamond studded or plain black? Nope. Do they care that their leash is not a Gucci or Coach leash? Nope.

I do believe in clothing that keep a dog warm; my own dogs each have a coat that I purchased from Old Navy for 2.99 each; after season. If my poodles get a haircut mid winter they wear their coat at night until their coat grows a bit and my Jack Russell wears hers if she gets extra chilly because she is now 12.5 years old.

I am a very utility type person; I do like collars and leashes that make my dogs comfortable or have some type of special use. I go through alot of trial and error when trying new things. I have a box full of "not usefull" leashes, harness and collars that sounded good but were useless.

There are a few companies that focus on great dog products; I tend to stick with these companies. Their products are well researched and tested so anything I get from this company I pretty much like.

My dogs new collars are great; 2" wide which I love for their necks. They happen to be very nice looking which is an added bonus but if they weren't functional; they'd be in the "useless box" in a flash.

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