Sign of the times

These economic times are troubling; so many people are getting into trouble. So many people are loosing their homes and with them are their dogs. Many dogs are being displaced because their humans have lost their home and cannot keep them. Some people have no where to go; some have to move in with family members and some take tiny apartments where dogs are not allowed.

But whatever their situation; it is a sad one for a family and the family dog. Rescue groups can really save the day when this is a situation that a family is facing. Most rescues are by far a better situation than a shelter; some shelters won't even take a relinquished pet.

Many rescue groups take in mixes as well as their designated breed. They also have foster homes that take dogs in and care for them as their own. But what if the family was only down on their luck for a few months? In these days of economic troubles it would be great if some of the rescue groups could round up more foster homes who would be prepared to foster a dog until the original guardians were ready to take their dog back.

Yes this would be a huge commitment; but just for a minute put yourself in those less fortunate shoes. What if you had to give up your dog; you just had to or you felt like it was your only option? Wouldn't it be great instead of having to loose your dog forever; someone stepped up to care for your dog until you could care for him again?

This idea is not without glitches; emotional glitches. The guardian would have to physically turn over their dog; putting full trust in the foster to care for their dog. The foster would be taking on a big responsibility; adding an adult dog to another dog or existing pack can be difficult. Hearts would be damaged; both guardian and foster.

But as this plan may be an emotional one; the guardian giving up their dog and the foster taking on a new dog and the challenes that come with that. Then to loose their heart to this dog when they went back to the original guardian once again. It is all very emotionally trying; as it would be for the dog as well.

Just imagine the impact of returning a dog to their family once they are back on their feet. The children's faces as they throw their arms around Rover once again. As Rover settles; curled up beside their kids on the couch once again; letting out a sigh that only home can create.

Looking at the enormity of task may seem simply undoable but everything great starts out as a glimmer; a glimmer of hope for these poor families and their dog/dogs.

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