wolfman and Luke again

I don't know if you all have seen the previews for the new Wolfman show or not but it looks pretty weird to me. I guess it starts next Tuesday and you better believe I'm tuning in. I'm thinking that it will keep my attention with the wolf behavior but irk me that this guy is trying to be a wolf.

I've seen him written up and on a couple of other shows before; apparently he does not shower. This is so that he smells like the wolfs and this is so that they accept him as one of them. Hmmm, apparently his wife left him but he seems to have a new woman in his life. It waits to be seen if the wolves are a big enough draw to keep me watching or if the guy is weird enough to get me to tune out after the first episode.

I love dog or wolf behavior; they are almost identical in displays of behavior and I could literally watch them for hours upon hours. Even my own little pack is so interesting; things change very quickly and subtle signs are sent back and forth in split seconds.

For some reason Luke is fired up these days; he is posturing constantly to the girls and trying to block Tilley's every movement. It is all display and that is all it is; it takes but one poke from me to stop it. Maybe it is the cooler air; but whatever it is it has him in a heightened state of excitement.

Or it could be I'm noticing more because I am still sick and have been spending many hours on the couch watching my dogs be dogs.

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