Some like it hot

Not me; no September is my least favorite month here in Southern California and this one is no exception. It's hot; too hot and especially too hot to do anything with the dogs. Yesterday I took them to a park around 9:30; I thought I was good for time but I obviously lagged too long and it was hot. Luckily there is alot of shade at this park so it wasn't too too bad.

While we were there a gentleman with an overweight very tiny Chihuahua joined us. As he made his way up the hill to my dogs I leashed Luke; afterall this dog was about the size of Luke's head and Luke is not known for his gentle play. Once with us the man explained how his tiny dog loves to play with the big dogs; the bigger the better so I shrugged and unhooked Luke. He was very good; letting this tiny version of a canine wander under his legs as he watched her.

They had a couple of interactions; she played the tough little dog and Luke wasn't quite sure what to do with her. So he was quickly back to his retrieving and watched her with a smile on his face as she left the field. We had several more rounds of fetch and headed home.

Today is suppose to be the same; hot. I'm heading down to the beach for some training this morning and then I'll be back down there this evening for a group poodle walk. Our OC standard poodles are meeting for an evening walk and I am hoping a beautiful sunset will show up.

I am going to attempt a new group photo so a nice sunset background would be good. But you never know at the beach; sometimes the sun simply sets and sometimes we are gifted an amazing sunset. No matter what the skies are like I will be wearing my short shorts so that my poodles can enjoy the cool waters on a very hot evening.

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