Tilley's breeder

We are really excited to be having Tilley's breeder visit us today. Tilley came from Manilla, Ontario as does her breeder. I'm pretty much on the other side of North America now being in Southern California so this is quite a way to come. She hasn't seen Tilley in 10 years not that Tilley acts or looks any different.

Tilley is a blue standard poodle which means dark gray in normal color appointing terms. I remember getting Tilley like it was yesterday. I was looking for a third dog; a standard poodle of course. Jessie was 10 months old and already smart as a whip so I was ready.

At the time my husband was working in Kingston; he had been reading through a local paper when he saw Silver Standard Poodle puppies for sale. Not one to ever get a dog out of the paper; I thought long and hard before calling. I'd never actually seen a silver in person so I was curious.

After a long conversation; I made plans to take the approximately 4 hour drive to see all the adults; the puppies were only days old so there was really nothing to see in regards to the puppies. The drive was beautiful; that I remember clearly. I passed lake after lake on the trip there.

Once I made it to my destination I was very happy with what I saw; all silver standards and all over the top friendly. Tilley's Mother Tia was blue as was her father Eddie. I did sneak a quick peek at the puppies who resembled a pile of black guinea pigs, nothing very exciting. After hours of discussion it was decided that I would take the pick of females. I'd be back in about 8 weeks.

After another beautiful drive to Manilla, the day had arrived to choose my girl. Tilley was then who she is now; quiet and as close to a perfect dog as you can get dog. I remember a moment so clearly after all these years as a sibling of hers was yanking on her coat. She looked back at her then human Mom as if to say "do you see this, do you see what she is doing to me?" And that is pretty much what she would do today.

At 11 1/2 Tilley looks amazing; she was my longtime demo dog in the obedience group classes that I taught, she was used many times for fearful or aggressive dog cases, she appeared on "Pet Star" twice demonstrating her amazing catching ability, did many frisbee demonstrations; one was for the premier of Good Boy in Hollywood.

Now well into her senior years Tilley is grounded, that because she is a high flying frisbee dog. She loves to spend time basking in the sun, rolling on the grass. One of her favorite things in life is still retrieving; but her objects to retrieve are now closer to the ground.

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