To catch a thief

I recently wrote about Jessie's chocolate eating binge and the fact that she DIDN'T die which was another one of her many lives spent. Well; she has moved to the next level of sneakiness. With my dinner in hand I left the kitchen lastnight and was heading to the familyroom to eat and watch Living with the Wolfman (that's another blog); when I noticed a granola bar wrapper.

??????????????????I stood there puzzled; where did this come from? Looking further under the front table was my purse with the side pocket opened up and not surprisingly my granola bar was missing. At some point in the last hour Jessie had gotten into my purse, this bold act was a first.

Yes; Jessie has gotten into everyone's purse, backpack or whatever you happen to leave on the floor and eaten everything from chocolate, granola bars, old sandwiches left by my son in his backpack to pack of tic tacs. But never when I've been home. This is not a good sign; not only do I have to do the perimeter check now as I leave but I must be constantly on guard.

I have become a champion scanner of goods; glancing quickly over a room I can see issues in a flash, I know it's a talent. Certain doors must be closed; particular tables need to be cleared. Sad at the age of 12 1/2 you think she would know better. But unfortunately Jessie's stomach rules over her brains so now she has also learned that when I'm on the computer I'm pretty much involved in the computer. Yesterday I was working on photos; I never even heard her.

In the next while I will be fine tuning my "noise alert system" and be very much more aware of where I am putting everything.

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