We have sniffles; we're off to the vet

Luke has been sneezing for a couple of days; nothing huge maybe 2 or 3 sneezes but he has a runny nose as well. I am still in the process of getting over a very bad sinus cold so of course I thought that maybe he got what I have. Onto the research; what I found was that dogs can get a similar viral or bacterial infection. But does that mean that Luke got my cold?

Because this is very out of the ordinary for Luke; he has never had a runny nose of sniffles so this morning I will be taking Cujo (photo above)to the vet. Visiting the vet is rare for me as is going to the Dr. but I want to be sure that Luke's sniffles are just that, sniffles.

Lastnight as he was getting cozy on the bed; he has decided that this is where he sleeps every night now, his nose started to whistle. It was so funny to see him react; he had no idea that he was the one making the noise and had his ear fully up staring down at the bed in front of him. He searched for the little creature who was making the noise but found nothing.

After a while his nose settled down and he did too. Taking Luke to the vets is not high up on my things to do list. He turns into Cujo at the vets; I have already given them the heads up. The last time we were at the vets which was the first time they met Luke he did a perfect Cujo routine. He kept everyone at bay and ignoring his behavior, trying to sooth the savage beast.

It takes all of my explaining ability and fast talking to let them know that he is indeed friendly, not that he looks like it at the moment. But it doesn't take them long to see through his routine and they are on the floor with my big blonde Cujo. I will let you know if it is anything other than sniffles.

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