Happy Halloween everyone

Ah; it is the candy day that kids wait for all year long; Halloween. There is candy everywhere and my little Jessie will be waiting patiently for someone to be careless and forget. Please be sure that any candy that comes into your home is put away; out of reach of your dog. Both the candy itself and the wrappers can be very dangerous so be on your toes where the candy is at all times.

The tricker treaters can pose a danger as well; the constant ringing of the door can really bother some dogs and what is behind the door may be frightening to your dog. It is always best to have your dog safely behind a babygate, in another room or crated during the festivities.

Even the Halloween decorations can be a problem for some dogs. They don't always know not to eat things that are not edible and these items can cause alot of intestinal damage when consumed. Training is a must; especially this time of year when more decorations are going to be coming out very soon. The "leave it" exercise helps you to let your dog know what it can and cannot touch.

If you plan on dressing your dog up for the occassion; do not leave them unattended in their costume. Dogs typically do not like to wear costumes and will chew it off if given the chance. Costumes can also choke a dog if they get caught up on something so be sure to keep them with you if you feel that they must wear a costume.

Be careful and have fun.


Luke apparently has allergies; he was much better at the vets yesterday which let's me know that his last visit was less traumatic for him than other vet visits. Cujo only made a quick appearance and then Luke took over. He had a rough night lastnight with the runny nose so I will keep a close eye on him; he has never had allergies before.

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