The coyote image on the head of my blog was taken during a Kuvasz shoot. The same place where my husband runs the dogs. This coyote showed up at a perfect time when I needed the two Kuvasz to have an intense look on their face; the resulting image landed on the cover of Dog World.

Yesterday my husband took our three dogs down to the canyon for a run. He forgot to grab leashes because he took his car and not mine. My car is filled with so many leashes of different types that you would never be without. So in his car the dogs were collared but not leashed.

With Jessie accompanying them; great caution must be taken because of the coyotes. I know way too many JRTs here that have been taken by coyotes. I even know of one lady who literally saved her dog only by having a leash on. A hungry coyote is a dangerous animal for small dogs. I also know a couple who lost their old brittany spaniel to a pack of hungry coyotes out of their backyard. Scarey, very scarey.

So having no leashes is not an issue except when coyotes are concerned. We are not too too worried about our standards but we know full well that Jessie is a great meal for a coyote family. As my husband was walking down in the canyon a lady from up top by the road was yelling at him; he tried hard to understand what she was saying when he realized that she was yelling "Coyote." There was a coyote coming down the path after them.

Only a very hungry coyote would go a round with my standards to get to Jessie but it is a very unnerving feeling knowing that one is stalking your little dog. My husband carried Jessie for a while and then just left. Today he made sure that he has all the leashes but most importantly her extension leash. If a coyote makes a grab for her; it is going to be a very big mistake for the coyote because my husband will be on the other end of the leash.

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