Cuteness never gets old

CKO day is over and now we move onto getting ready for Christmas. Today is Black Friday; the equivalent to shopping on Boxing Day in Canada. Many of the stores open at 4:00 am and there will be people waiting to get in and spend their money. We aren't in the market for anything in particular so we might hit the stores this afternoon sometime; maybe not.

Our CKO day was nice; busy, hectic but enjoyable. It's the day we get the bulk of the Christmas decs out. What a difference now at this stage of our dog lives. The dogs were spread out on random couches around the house. Jessie was the main attraction; it amazes me that after 12 1/2 years that the kids still eeewwwww and aaaahhhh about her cuteness.

"Mom look at her," "Mom look what she's doing," "She is so cute, how can she be so cute?" After 25 years of having standard poodles she definitely stands out as a cute little munchkin; all 15 lbs of her. And now at 12 1/2 years of age she is pretty adorable when she is in a deep sleep with her little tongue sticking out.

Of course wherever she happens to lay; someone covers her up with a blanket. Unlike the poodles she has very little hair; probably because it is all over my house. Jack Russells are double coated like a lab so they shed like crazy. And if she gets mad it comes out in a storm of white hair.

She tends to get alot of treats from the kids; she can simply mystify them with her adorable cuteness and they cough up the goods. I don't know how many times I tell them all not to give her food; but I'm not so cute so they don't listen to me. Jessie is not an in your face type of dog; she's more an in your lap girl. She loves her creature comforts. And if someone drops a blanket; she quickly curls up in the middle of it.

Yesterday at one point she was curled up in the middle of the familyroom floor on a red down throw; pretty cute. She probably gets away with more because she is so darn cute. Ah heck they all get away with murder; they are all way too cute.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    She's pretty darn cute, no doubt about it!

    Happy shopping!



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