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First off our dishwasher is not working; I just got it. Really cool, we had our Cdn thanksgiving without a dishwasher and now we had our CKO(Christmas Kick off) or Am. Thanksgiving without a dishwasher. Of course I'm cooking and baking alot because of the holiday season and not having the dishwasher sucks. Especially when I'm cooking for all the humans and the canines as well. Oh well, the guy is suppose to be here on Thursday to fix it.

Yesterday I barbequed up some liver for the dogs; especially Luke you know. After cooking it; I left it sitting on the table outside cooling when Luke appeared out there with it. Being that liver is his favorite food the smell had drawn him to it. He got closer and closer as I watched through the kitchen window. I wondered if all his training would be thrown away because of the liver; getting on tables and counters is a huge no no in this house and no dog would regularly consider it here.

He wasn't looking around at all; only taking big deep breaths of liver steam in and loving it. I was ready to yell if the liver got the best of him; but it didn't. He stopped and looked into the kitchen; thought a while and then came to the door. It was very clear that he wanted it and the only way he knew how to safely get it was to come and get me. I was so proud of him.

Not only does this show that he knows he is not allowed to help himself; but even when I'm not around. This is also a very good sign of where he thinks the food comes from; me. As far as pack hierarchy goes; this is a very important issue. So after he came to get me, we went out and got the liver and he had his dinner.

When I went to get the liver at the store the turkey's were on sale for $5.00 instead of over $20.00. So I grabbed two thinking of the dogs and the deal that this would be. They've been in the over this morning for several hours and are soon ready to come out. They look good but the smell of stuffing is missing; that will be here soon enough again in a couple of weeks.

I've found something else that Luke absolutely loves; homemade shortbread. The main ingredient; butter. :)

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