Good breeders finding good guardians

I know alot of breeders; from the time I started handling in the conformation ring until now I have met literally hundreds of breeders. Placing puppies is a common topic of conversation whether I'm just photographing, temperament testing or just having a cup of coffee over some dog talk. How do you know someone will be a great dog guardian? In life there is no guarantee; not with animals or with humans.

The breeders I'm talking about are breeders, not the kind who sell online and send their puppies off to whoever has the money. Most good breeders really drill the prospective puppy guardians; this is normal. In fact if you really think about it; this is a much desired trait in a breeder. If they just handed puppies out to whoever wanted them that would mean they don't care about their puppies.

A great guardian is someone who will have their dog live in the house as a family member. One who will make sure that their dog has mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. They will seek out activities that will enrich the natural instincts of their dog and their individual talents. A great guardian will teach their dog many behaviors; a dog's mind is a sad thing to waste.

A great guardian puts their dog in the mix when considering family activities and looks at solutions to a great life together. A dog that lives with a great guardian will never, ever be an outside dog. They will never fear a hand coming their way because they have never been hit. Above all a great dog guardian is one who has an open mind, one who is willing to learn all they can about their dog and how to be a better guardian.

Good guardians let their dogs get good and dirty, they don't worry about dog related dirt in the house or the car. You may or may not have poop bags in every pocket of your coats and pants. You will often find goodies in your purse or pockets. And even if your dog is not a certain breed you may have joined several dog related groups so that you and your dog can hang with other dog lovers.

I know alot of great guardians and when I meet a new one it makes my day. The more wonderful dog people there are in this world the better this world will be. The term Spreading the wealth is floating around alot these days; as a good dog guardian we should all spread the wealth of knowledge we have. Pay if forward so to speak, share your ideas with people and the greatness will be passed on.

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