Am I proud?

What a weird day yesterday. We have huge and very scarey fires going on here. Lastnight was UFC at our house and we typically have a houseful. But due to the fires my husband, son and daughters boyfriend were held up with being re-routed on the freeways. I was home alone and ordered our regular UFC pizzas. I knew the pizza would arrive around 7 and I still needed to feed the dogs.

I do not like to feed the dogs if I think feeding time will be interrupted. But not wanting to miss any of the fights because I was going to have to fill the boys in on what had happened so far I decided to go ahead and feed the dogs. If the pizza guy came I'd just pick up the bowls, get the pizza and proceed with feeding. I began to prepare the food and being extra hungry Jessie was really underfoot. So I asked her and Tilley to step outside and wait.

With the door open Jessie stayed outside, the boundary being the threshold of the door. Once done I realized Luke was still napping downstairs and went to get him. I was so surprised that even when I left the kitchen to get Luke; there was Jessie and Tilley standing outside. Neither had broken the boundary; yes I was very proud.

Then of course as soon as I put the bowls down the door bell rang; it was the pizza guy. For any of you who have a pack of dogs, something like this can quickly turn to a frenzy. Each dog knows that if they leave their bowl to investigate that it may not be there when they return. And Jessie being a food maniac is just waiting for someone to leave their bowl. So I calmly picked up the bowls and told them to wait. Wait being my casual form of stay.

In a semi frenzied state, they typically would charge the door. I went and answered the door; brought the pizzas into the kitchen. I went and paid the man and thanked him and came back into the kitchen where the dogs were sitting quietly waiting. No one had rushed the door, no one was doing anything they shouldn't. I placed the bowls back down and they continued their dinner uninterrupted. Yes I was proud.

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