Greyhound racing

These sites above can be graphic; view at your own risk. These are only two of hundreds of websites where you can find out the "truth" about racing dogs.

Massachusetts has passed a bill banning Greyhound racing by 2010. It's a slow road but it's a step in the right direction. Several years ago I had the honor of shooting some ex-racers at the Hemopet facility(a blood bank for dogs). I wanted to know more as I met and photographed these amazing dogs.

Greyhound racing is an awful business; driven by money, gambling and greed. And if you are not a winner; it can be a horrific life and death. Even the big winners have to loose at some point which means your life goes steadily downhill. It truly boggles my mind how some humans just do not possess the compassion gene. How can anyone think that the way these dogs are treated is okay?

Now onto the rescue groups who are some of my canine heros. They save literally thousands of dogs each year but sadly they can't save them all. Many go unaccounted for; just gone. The people running these rescue groups do the best they can and many are fighting a loosing battle.

Each and everytime I meet a rescued greyhound I am amazed at the sweet nature and forgiveness they give humans. Known as the supreme "couch potato" these dogs enter a new life that is completely foreign to them. Love, attention, free run, good food, health care and life as a typical dog is all unknown to them. I have met many greyhounds with serious health problems, missing limbs and obvious body malformations due to their racing history.

Massachusetts has taken the step; we all need to follow. Educate yourself on the "sport" of greyhound racing. Please do not frequent these places and above all; do not spend your money on fueling these horrific wrongs done to dogs. Instead put your money where it can help stop the cruel abuse. Please!

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