A glimmer

It was the glimmer I had been watching for; the tiny little behavior that told me we were rounding the corner of this strange illness of Luke's. Lastnight he ate; not a ton and assisted by me but he ate. For days I have been cooking, cutting, chopping, coating and preparing everything I could think of to feed him. Being a finicky eater; not feeling well is really bad.

Yesterday morning he was not interested in eating at all. Not fresh cooked chicken, raw beef, cheese, fresh homemade cookies or ham, nothing. Luke is on Amoxicillin; it is an antibiotic and seems to be slowly making a difference. Having an infection in your head is scarey; you want to make sure you are on top of it. But this particular antibiotic can really mess with your stomach (I know from experience); something that is not a good mixture with a finicky dog.

Finally yesterday at around 1:30 he decided to eat a few pieces of raw beef dipped in butter; that's right butter. The day before I had made some special dog ccokies for him, oatmeal, peanut butter, apple sauce, and sweet potato were a few of the ingredients. Sounds pretty healthy right? Well Luke loved them; after I dipped each tiny piece in butter that is.

But after preparing his dinner lastnight, turkey, chicken, raw beef, sweet pototo with brown rice I thought; "he's probably not going to eat this." Then I noticed his ears; they were slightly up in interest. This is the glimmer I'd been looking for; this told me he at least was interested in what I was making. So after placing Jessie and Tilley's food down I anxiously put his on the floor and he came over to look at it.

Holding my breath I waited; a little pushing around, digging and then he finally picked up a piece of beef. He ate 3/4 of his food; I was really excited. After eating we watched some news on the election (which I'm stoked about) and Luke twice picked up a toy and tossed it around for a minute. Looks like there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

I still do not know what is wrong with Luke; all the blood panel tests are not in. But being on antibiotics and seeing an improvement tells me there is definitely an infection in that big head of his.

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