It's raining it's pouring

Okay; in most parts of the world rain is not a big deal and in some places it's the norm. But here in sunny Southern California it is big news "storm watch." It's pretty funny, a bit of rain is commonly referred to as a storm. A storm? You wanna see a storm? Try Kansas, Texas or even our little ole Ottawa for an intense snow storm. I remember many storms both electrical and snow where you did not think about leaving the comforts of your house.

With the rains come the sissy dogs who do not want to go outside. Yes, I'm talking about my sissy dogs. The girls didn't use to be sissy's; they are from Canada where going out in the rain and snow is very normal. But now after being here for 10 years they've assimilated. Luke is a Socal boy so he is the perfect example of the dogs accustom to the sun.

This not going out in the rain is a big issue for canine guardians here. In fact the first couple of rains here for us; it was on the tv and radio about the dogs and how to get them out. Funny how if the dogs are going for a walk they are totally fine with the rain; but a quick trip out to the backyard is not.

If by chance my dogs have not noticed that it is raining out they will approach the door with the typical gusto only jamming on their brakes at the last moment. Normally I have to join them outside while they do their business or nothing will get done. Now these are all adult dogs and they will hold it until they burst. But I don't want any bursting going on in this house; so out we go into the rain.

They are very quick about their business and do not waste anytime sniffing around like a typical outing. I have plans to cover a section of the grass this rainy season so that I don't have to deal with these sun worshipping dog issues. But for now they will have to go out and endure the harsh elements and I'll have to deal with "wet dogs."

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  1. Yep, same thing here...except our rain is a bit frozen! Bunny has been balking at the door, she would enjoy SoCal...she is not much of a snow bunny!


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