Thankful for dogs

With Thanksgiving in two days this is the time of year when people think about their life and contemplate what they are thankful for. Of course I am very thankful that my family; my immediate and extended family are all healthy and happy. But being that this is a dog blog I want to talk about being thankful for dogs; as I am very thankful for dogs.

In particular my dogs but all dogs in general. I feel exceptionally lucky to have three such wonderful dogs; and they have taught me many life lessons. In fact it is the dog life lessons that make us the dog people we are. With each dog life I live through I become a better dog guardian for the next. I have become much more intuned with my dogs; listening, watching and learning.

I talk to alot of dog people and many who have recently lost a dog that they had loved. How do you deal; how do you even think about getting another dog? There is no advice you can give a grieving guardian but to follow their heart. But what I do tell them is that each dog leaves paw prints on our heart; some deeper than others. Each dog in our lives prepares us for the next.

Over the years I have met many, many amazing dogs and I can often be heard saying "you are so lucky to have each other." How lucky when you find a dog that is a heart dog; one that completes you, one who's simple presence makes you smile. Living with dogs is a win, win.

It doesn't matter where a dog comes from; it doesn't matter what size, shape or color they are; like us it is the heart. The heart of a dog is immense; and at times their heart overwhelms us. Take a dog who has been abused or tossed aside by humans; who is then rescued by a human. They hold no grudge, they offer their forgiveness and heart to whoever takes them in.

The saying "lucky dog," comes from from the fact that many people consider dogs to be very lucky; living in a house, having their own bed, eating good food. It is a term used now for many different circumstances both animal and human. But perhaps the term should be "lucky human" afterall how lucky are we that dogs allow us to live by their side?


  1. Amen. I can't imagine (nor do I want to) a life without dogs!

  2. Beautifully written. It is us humans that are so lucky, no- truly blessed, to have our dogs in our lives. I wish all people could understand that and I thank you for putting out such a lovely post about it.


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