Luke is getting scoped

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Luke is going in for his scope this morning. He doesn't know it but will suspect something is up when I ask him to come to the car with me alone. I try to take them out on their own occasionally so they don't associate being alone with the vet; but they are smart. I'm anxious about today; I'll have to hand him over to them I'm sure because he is being put out. I'll try my best to stay with him at least until he is out.

I hate leaving my dogs; they put complete trust in me so I hate to break that and put them in the hands of someone else. I feel as though I have let them down when I leave them with a complete stranger. Since the horrible event years ago when a veterinarian let a tech take Tilley out back and allowed her to escape the facility I have sworn to never leave them. I know it is an impossible task; at some point I have to leave them but I hate it.

I'm sure they will call me very quickly when Luke starts to wake up though. Both times before when he has been put out I've got the frantic call to come and get him. He's a scream/howler, he screams going under and he scream howls coming out of anesthetic. It's a noise you can't tolerate for long; even the seasoned techs are pretty frazzled upon my arrival.

I will let everyone know what we find, hopefully just a foreign object that is not suppose to be in there and nothing else.

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