He's home

Luke is home and he is very high; he's on Valium. It was a long day for him; we arrived to the vets at 9:45 this morning. He had his physical at about 10:30 and discussed exactly the route we were going to take. We discussed a blood clotting test that needed to be done and several other blood tests. You know I asked them to bring it all in the room with me; they were very good about it.

They brought all of the blood equipment into our room and asked to have Luke laydown; I let them know that was not going to happen when he was in a nervous state. I asked if we could draw the blood with him standing and they were very accomodating. After having his blood draw he got his first of a couple of sedatives.

So then we had a long wait; I decided to sit with Luke in the room until his procedure time instead of having him in a cage. He was restless and not liking the effects of the sedative so I sat on the floor with him so he would laydown and settle. The sedative made him feel weak, wobbly and a bit out of it; not a happy guy. We sat for an hour and a half; Luke rested and I read a pile of Dog Fancy magazines; saw lots of my images.

When the tech came into get him he was really grouchy and had no intention of being nice to anyone. The very nice tech did her best to be likable and he finally agreed to go with her; that alone surprised me. Time for me to leave and wait; the waiting is the hardest part.

I finally got the call around 3:30 to come and get my boy. They didn't find a whole lot up there, no fungus which was very good to hear. The presence of this one particular nasal fungus has a treatment that can be surgery. She did get a tiny crunchy leaf looking item out and suctioned the heck out of his nasal cavity. She said many times when they are sure that there is a foreign object in there but can't find it; suctioning does the trick.

So we now wait and see if the symptoms go away and wait for biopsy results. If it was the tiny leaf; it was one expensive leaf.

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