Monday morning

We have clouds this morning; I'm happy about that. And for the next couple of days we are suppose to have a bit cooler weather so I'm going to enjoy it before the temps go up again. We had a rough weekend with Luke; he is in bad shape and will be going back to the vet again today.

He is so stuffed up and not himself that I am very worried. I spent hours researching the net to see what it could possibly be; that's me the researcher. Hopefully the results from his blood panel will be in and we will be a bit more knowledgable.

If he wasn't already picky enough about what he likes and doesn't like try feedig him when he is feeling under the weather. We barely got some ground beef patties into him yesterday and that was from my husband. For some reason he wanted to eat with Dad not Mom. My husband got some buttered toast into him; who doesn't like toast with butter when you aren't feeling good?

So with no extra pounds to be dropping during this whatever it is; I will be trying to please his palate. Even liver was a no go yesterday. Pills are difficult to get into him; he can eat around a flea sized pill and there it sits in the bottom of the bowl. So the good ole shove it in method is what's called for; just gotta keep my fingers away from the chompers in the back.

He is having Bufferin to help him cope with the pain; I tried Benydryl but it just made him groggy and didn't help with anything else. In fact it kept his third eye up for most of the morning. The third eye lid or "nictitating membrane" is the skin like windshield that you see under the outer eyelids. It is used as a protection for the eye and is often seen as a dog falls into sleep.

So back to the kitchen and back to the drawing board to see if we can't get this under control; whatever it is.

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