Still sick

We had Luke back at the vets yesterday; he is really not himself and during several sneezing sessions he sneezed up blood which is common in humans when we have a severe cold but not so for dogs apparently. I am concerned about him; he has never been sick and he is not feeling well at all right now.

My husband came along and I informed him that Cujo would probably make an appearance for a while; he was prepared. To my surprise Cujo made no appearance; now it is either that Luke is so under the weather that he couldn't muster up the energy or that each visit has been a positive one at this new vets and he is becoming less fearful of a visit to the vets. So no matter what the reason Luke could not have been a better boy.

The vet wanted to check inside his nose and do a swab; easier said than done. I had tried to only take a peek into his nose the day before and it was near impossible. So with my arms and body fully wrapped around my blonde boy the vet was able to wrestle a sample from his nose; it didn't look good.

We did a full blood panel to rule out anything serious and will go from there once the results are in. We have over the years been so lucky (knock on wood) that our dogs have been so healthy. Other than the over 4,000.00 incident with Jessie 6 years ago we've been good.

The one thing I do know is that knowing your dog intimiately is extremely important. You should be able to see the slightest symptom and know that something is just not right. And when you communicate to the vet; it is only you who really knows what is normal and not normal for your individual dog. I knew the "allergy" idea was not what was going on with Luke. At 8 years of age I can't imagine allergies hitting him out of nowhere so badly; althoug you never know. So the second trip back to the vet was a good one.

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