Pet stores vs. Reputible breeders

I was at the Mall on the weekend and there were crowds in the pet store. As I strained not to look at the puppies I couldn't help but notice the sickly looking little things leaping around the front windows. They all had tearing eyes and looked in horrible shape. This is the pet store at the Mission Viejo Mall; I'm not sure what the name of it is they keep changing it.

Have people not learned anything? And there was a huge sale; a Veterans Day sale on puppies. But there's more; buy a puppy now and don't pay a cent. I truly wish that people wouldn't use these places as sized down zoo's nor do I want people even buying merchandise, let alone a dog from these places. Pet stores don't care about the dogs, that's it, bottom line. Their bottom line is the almighty dollar.

Do they consider for a moment that these puppies have been ripped away from their Mother's at a far too early age? Nope. Do they consider that the parents of these puppies are kept half starved, in filthy cages only stopping breeding once they can no longer produce, nope. And when they can no longer produce are often left to starve in a cage or tossed somewhere for someone else to worry about. The people who sell puppies in a pet store turn a blind eye to fill their pockets.

Reputible, ethical breeders are a world apart. When you visit one you'll know you've finally met a good breeder. My bar for good breeders is high but for the dogs sake it should be very high and never lowered. A good breeder has clean little puppies in their home (well the puppies might be a bit dirty being that they are puppies). But they are in the home with the people.

A reputible breeder has health checked (genetic health testing done for that specific breed) all the dogs who are bred, taken extra care of the Mother to be in regards to health and nutrition. They have watched and noted all the subtle changes in each puppy as they grow. They have had the puppies checked by a veterinarian and may have had them temperament tested.

Great breeders are a tough bunch; very wary in handing over puppies. They can turn anyone away; it is their right. You have to be a "good home" to even think about getting a puppy from them; and this is how it should be. This is because these people have a huge interest in the lives of their puppies, who they go to and how will their little lives turn out.

A good breeder will keep open a line of communication. They will make you feel like you can contact them about anything; and you should. Many people don't stay in touch but it is a really good idea to stay in close contact with a breeder.

Getting a puppy from a good, reputible, ethical breeder is a win win for everyone involved.


  1. Hi Sherri,

    I love your blog and visit often. Very good post.

    I hope Luke is feeling better!


  2. Thanks Kim, he is feeling better. He is to be scoped tomorrow and maybe we will know more then.


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