The impact of dogs

What impact does your dog or dogs have on your life? For me; my dogs and dogs in general are my life aside from my husband and children that is. I had a toy poodle at the age of 9; and was in the conformation ring at the age of 13. I was handed a showlead with a Doberman on the end of it and never looked back.

I have been completely immersed in dogs since before I ever had my first dog. I love all things dogs and my dogs make me very happy. I think the biggest thing about having dogs and loving having dogs is spending time with them; just chill'n. Even if we aren't doing exciting activities we love being with each other. My dogs show that they like being with me by doing just that.

I have three shadows with me throughout the day. Two are constant, one will occasionally do her own thing. Offering my dogs a good life is my chosen obligation; it makes me happy seeing them happy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my dogs having fun doing what they love. Like a simple hike in the woods or canyon; they love it. This is probably the most fun for any dog; the simple joy of running free.

I love watching Jessie as she checks each rodent hole for a resident. Once found she bends her head down and digs with all her might. She actually uses her mouth to assist in the dig and when she looks up at me with a smile and a mouth full of dirt; I cannot help but smile.

Tilley loves to catch and retrieve; she lives for it. Each and everytime she lands with a ball or frisbee in her mouth she gives a small but visible tail wag. With the frisbee or ball in her mouth she is grinning from ear to ear on return. She doesn't waste anytime ejecting the object for the next throw; which I love to do for her.

And then there is Luke, he is a simple yet complex boy and knowing all of his tiny quirks makes me smile. Knowing that he is afraid of objects that move on their own, makes me smile. I love when he huffs a greeting, watching him try to get a ball before Tilley does (which will not happen until Tilley is very old I'm sure.) I love seeing his huge smile when he gets back from a hike an I love watching him try to be the man of the house; and the girls keep him in line.

Not a day goes by when I do not consciously admire my dogs for something. Oh sure they can get on my nerves every once in a while but what my dogs bring to my life is immense. Being surrounded in the morning by all the snoring and dreaming dogs makes me happy as does it make them happy. And seeing the dogs so completely relaxed and comfortable as they dream away the hours in different locations of our home; makes me really happy.

Dogs are my life; I love to meet new clients both training and photography subjects. Hearing how each dog enriches their guardians life is something I will never stop wanting to hear. How each dog entered a life, the dog and the human both changed because of it.

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