Sunday canyon walk

We took the dogs down into the canyon this morning; they love it. It was very mucky and the dogs were soon sporting their giant mud boots; us as well. Watching them run free, smell everything and occasionally dig is good for everyone. Every once in a while Luke get's the urge to dig; it is usually short lived if Jessie is with us; she takes whatever she wants from Luke which includes prime holes to dig. She just pushes him out of the way and will snap at him if he tries to take it back. But today he got in a good bit of digging before she realized he had a good hole. Jessie loves to dig; 75% of her outtings can be used up by digging. Which makes for a lot of standing around waiting for us. But to see her little body digging with a huge smile on and her mouth full of mud can only make you smile. Tilley is not a digger; except for my garden that is; which she has been doing on a regular basis lately. I'm not happy about that but she decides that there is a critter in there that needs to come out and there is no stopping her. She is really showing signs of her age; today she was really lagging. I stayed back walking slower to keep back with her. Even though she is showing signs of slowing down; at nearly 12 it is just starting. I've seen many poodles who look old at 8 years of age. Good breeding.

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